How to make websites. What mistakes should be avoided?

To attract and retain new customers, you need to know how to make websites! By emphasizing your experience, exposing and enhancing your offers, you will multiply the potential requests of new customers!

So what are the tools for better communication? What good practice to implement? In the face of more and more informed customers in the face of growing competition, you need to adapt your communication methods for greater visibility. New practices that will also become a leverage for retaining your customers. For example, did you represent to broadcast a newsletter or offer news from your sector on your website?

And in this jungle of new practices, instant search, new services for customers, social networks. The first Digital Brick to set up is the website!

The practice is developing rapidly, and it is very important to catch the train on the move. So how to set up a website, and better, how to set up a GOOD website? But also a good site, what is it? What are some good practices? What pitfalls should be avoided? What are the essential steps? In this e-book, we suggest you get around this topic so that you have cards on hand to ask you the right questions … and get started!

Let’s first look at the various options available to you and find out the website cost! There is no good or bad decision, but there are many different options to consider according to your goals. A simple analogy, the choice of car! Are you a pretty small city, road or minivan? Use is the first question to ask! Comparison of models, performance or cost will be further. Well this is the same for your site.

So if we mentioned these different categories? On the site “business card” objective minimum visibility and simple presence. Many people now think that if you do not enter the search engine when you enter your name, it is because you do not exist! This type of site will provide at least your contacts and contact information, as well as a simple definition of your services.

Essential and nothing but substantial! Like a storefront, it should allow your visitors to find the most important information: products or services, teams, contact information and contact form. This type of site will be updated only very rarely: change of coordinates, new partner, new offer of services: quick implementation and inexpensive.

This will allow a client or potential client who already knows your structure to find you on the Internet by entering your name and finding a simple list of your services. With simple content, this “informative” site will not be used to demonstrate your experience in your core business or to provide additional information to your customers.

This type of site will have additional features and a website hosting account in addition to the basic information. Detailed online catalog, news section, gallery of photos or videos of satisfied customers, press section, access to your client portal and its online services. This is the type of site that will live. So why not add a “Blog” section, for example, to discuss topics that will be of interest to your customers and prospects?

The online store is open 24/7! If this type of site is common for selling goods and consumer goods, more and more intelligent services can be bought! The market for the accountancy profession, in particular, is looking more and more solid 100% online! A type of site that requires building a robust web architecture and IP project management to automate information processing. Because many traders must import / export between their trading website and commercial management software, because they could not establish the necessary gateways.

Trendy home page template. The type of site that represents itself (as the name indicates) on one page, collecting all the information in one place, instead of the traditional “tabs”, other information or parts have a hierarchical height (or length) and scrolling the mouse allows you to move from one part to another. Ergonomically, one page of the site is not cluttered, without unnecessary information. Depending on its functionality, it can also belong to the category of “business card” or “showcase” sites!