WordPress software. What to look for when starting work

Benefits of WordPress software. The simplicity with which you can create a website or blog without understanding the programming. He will be able to develop his entire website or blog from his panel. Ideal for sites with high content, often updated. Ease of updating a site or blog. Ease of creating customizable graphic themes for your website or blog, thanks to the significant number of themes suggested by the important WordPress community.

A very important community of developers. Allows you to create individual sites of all types (storefronts, e-commerce sites, social networking sites, blogs). Thanks to an impressive number of easily integrable extensions. The disadvantage that we can find is inherent in the technology used: php mysql. We must have a remote Internet server (dedicated or shared) or at least a virtual server on its computer and a MySql database in order to install and develop a website in WordPress. This requires certain skills and, therefore, is not immediately available to the beginner. But this “problem” will be quickly solved by the training.

Note! There are several types of WooTheme, but we can say that they are all based on the same basic principles.

Thus, we can talk about the “free license” in the singular. A free license has been developing since the 90s. It refers to a legal license applicable to intellectual products such as software (then they talk about “free software”).

Website design that defines 4 principles, while guaranteeing a certain property of the author (thus, you can leave his Copyright to his work, even if it is under a free license): freedom of use (freedom 0): the owner of the work guarantees the freedom to use his work for any goals; freedom of modification (freedom 1): the owner of the work grants the user the right to change his work without even requesting permission; freedom of redistribution (freedom 2): the user has the right to copy the work as much as he wants and to redistribute this work to the one he wants; freedom of publication (freedom 3): finally, the owner of the work gives the user the right to improve the work and distribute this modified work. WordPress meets all these criteria.

After installation, WordPress will allow us to fully implement our website from an Internet browser. That is, an Internet browser will become the necessary support for the creation of our site. To stay under a free license, I recommend using the Firefox browser, the Mozilla Foundation browser. Regarding WordPress, there are no big differences between browsers. All of them make it work correctly and equally. So, for example, Chrome, the Google browser, is very similar to Firefox in its execution of WordPress. Recall that Chrome is based on a browser under a free license: Chromium. Thus, you can use your regular browser and your favorite one without any problems … Two of my favorites, you will understand, are Firefox and Chrome, Windows or Chromium, Linux.

What WordPress software featured in the job?

1) Dedicated server. A dedicated server is an entire server that is rented from a host to host its website. It is fully dedicated to your site. Hence his name. This server is completely at your disposal. The host agrees to support in order to make available on the Internet 24/24. Connection speed is usually very high. You have a very large capacity in the MySql database. This is a solution that will be preferable for a very large professional site, very developed and visited. A social network, a large e-commerce site … The price is high. From 1,000 to 15,000 euros per year.

2) Shared server. A shared server is a space that you can rent on a server. Something like an apartment, somehow … On the server, next to yours, other sites will be hosted. Be sure, however, you will not see them. By the way, a surfer too. You will see only your “space”. You will gain access to your “space” and rent on a shared server through your FTP codes and FTP software for transferring Filezilla files. To find you, on the Internet, Internet users will enter your chosen Internet address: domain name.

It is also worth emphasizing the possibility of redesigning your site when it starts to be updated to be technologically relevant (for example, accessible on a tablet or mobile device and readable in the latest versions of a web browser), with a site that is easy to administer for the marketing department and is well mentioned in search systems.